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12th October, 2012

The Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body (GD ORB) ran by Gemserv with their partners REAL will be giving regular special presentations on their stand throughout Retro Expo. The GD ORB's role will include maintaining a register of all authorised Green Deal Providers, Certification Bodies, Advisors and Installers, maintaining the Green Deal Code of Practice and controlling the use of the Quality Mark.  It will also provide ongoing monitoring of Green Deal Participants against the Code of Practice and produce an annual Green Deal report plus gather evidence of non compliance and refer participants to the Ombudsman or the Secretary of State where appropriate and impose sanctions when directed.

GD ORB will give an overview of how organisations can get involved with the Green Deal as either Green Deal Assessor Organisations, Green Deal Installation Companies or Green Deal Providers. This will include an overview of the process for each and of any imminent changes to/developments with the governance and standards documents plus a Q&A at the end of each session. These will cover all three organisation types in every session, with each session lasting 30 minutes.

These are expected to be heavily attended so arrive early!

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