A New Strategic Partnership for a Low Carbon Future: Stroma Certification, Fulgent and CarbonLow

5th July, 2013

Stroma Certification is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Fulgent Technologies and CarbonLow. CarbonLow will become the first Green Deal Provider to benefit from Stroma and Fulgent's jointly-developed 'Software as a Service' solution to support the rollout of the Green Deal and ECO.

The system draws on each organisation's background and particular strengths: it incorporates Fulgent's expertise in workflow and database management and regulatory reporting (tried and tested on the CERT and CESP programmes); with Stroma Certification's innovative, flexible and mobile iPad tools for meeting the surveying, calculation and lodgement requirements which underpin the Green Deal and ECO.

Using this collaborative and innovative new system, CarbonLow will bring to market a uniquely well-integrated, UK-wide Green Deal supply chain, bringing together experienced and competent installers from numerous trades - including household names such as Baxi, Mitsubishi Electric and Unimer - with a qualified Green Deal Advisor network, and multiple finance routes for customers.

Matthew Ferguson, Managing Director of Stroma Certification, said: "By partnering with Fulgent we have developed an end-to-end solution to support the entire industry in delivering the Green Deal and ECO, from field-based assessors and installers to office-based administrators and managers, connecting directly with finance providers and regulators. With its extensive multi-disciplinary supply chain, CarbonLow is an ideal organisation to benefit from this new offering."

Nick Dawkes, Managing Director of Fulgent, said: "The collaborative partnership unites a trio of expertise; Stroma Certification, a recognised industry leader in energy performance calculation/assessment software and scheme provider, beside long established database specialists with valuable experience in CERT and CESP - Fulgent Technologies, delivering a robust structure for CarbonLow, who contribute the supply chain and Green Deal Provider status. The trinity's proficiency will enable rapid onset of Green Deal Plans and ECO reporting to the exacting standards."

Peter Walden, Managing Director of CarbonLow, said: "We are delighted by the way Fulgent and Stroma approach the need for robust, accurate reporting in the rapidly developing ECO and Green Deal arena. We are very pleased to be the first to recognise the clear capabilities of Fulgent and Stroma systems to bring together our key ECO and Green Deal Supply Chain partners and allow rapid delivery of ECO and Green Deal measures." We are confident that this new partnership will bring numerous benefits to the entire Green Deal industry whilst delivering best value to Green Deal and ECO customers.

If you are interested in participating in CarbonLow's Green Deal and ECO supply chain using the Stroma/Fulgent software package, or are a customer interested in selecting them as a Green Deal Provider, please visit the website. - See more at: http://www.industrytoday.co.uk/green_deal_industry_today/a-new-strategic-partnership-for-a-low-carbon-future-stroma-certification-fulgent-and-carbonlow-/25075#sthash.yLZEso3z.dpuf

Source: http://www.industrytoday.co.uk/green_deal_industry_today/a-new-strategic-partnership-for-a-low-carbon-future-stroma-certification-fulgent-and-carbonlow-/25075

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